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List of Alternative Therapies

List of Alternative Therapies, How alternative therapies/medicines work, alternative medicine/complementary medicines practitioner in India.
list of alternative therapies by doctor omshree, best practices of alternative medicines
List of alternative therapies

There is a fear in the mind of people that alternative medicines are not effective and so they hesitate to use these therapies but research has proved that complementary medicines or alternative therapies has miraculous results if taken properly under guidance. The main benefit of alternative medicines is that they can be used with the allopathy. So without fear they can be used. 
Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, color therapy, hypnosis, massage therapy, naturopathy, biochemic combinations, aromatherapy, meditation, reiki, magneto therapy, acupressure, nutritional therapy, Yoga, Chinese medicines, Unani, Astrology etc.

Let's Have Some Knowledge About Alternative Therapies:

It is very popular in all over the world, every plants have some medicinal qualities and in ayurveda, expert uses the different parts of plants and herbs in a specific way to treat diseases. It is also known as herbalism and plant based substances are used to treat body.

Acupressure/Shiatsu Alternative Therapy:
There are energy points in whole body and when toxins accumulated there then problems in body arises, these types of problems are easily treated by acupressure.

Acupuncture Alternative Therapy:
Just like acupressure, acupuncture therapy is also very useful, in this needle are used to clear the channels present in body.

In this astrologer check the planetary positions in horoscope and then suggest the person to chant mantra, to perform hawan with herbs, to eat and to not eat some particular things. This is also very popular all over the world.

Self Urine Therapy:
This is also a very powerful technique to heal our mind and body naturally, in this self urine is taken again in a specific way daily for a particular time to make body powerful and disease-free.

Bach Flower Therapy: 
This is also a very good way to treat diseases, it is a part of homeopathy. These are very important to treat the mental problems or psychological problems.

It is a very good relaxation method and is good to release stress, depression. It helps in detoxification and fill the body with new energy.

Biochemic Medicines:
These are also a very popular and proved ways of healing ourselves. There are different types of biochemic tablets available in homeopathy stores which are able to treat different diseases.

Yoga Therapy:
It includes different types of postures, breathing techniques which are known as pranayam and also includes some detoxification therapies known as neti, nauli etc.

List of Alternative Therapies, How alternative therapies/medicines work, alternative medicine/complementary medicines practitioner in India.

Counselling is also very popular in which expert talk to the patient and clears all the doubts which are creating problems in his mind. This is best to treat psychological problems.

Vaccupressure Therapy:
In this special cups are used to pull the skins and to generate pressure in different points in body. This is very popular in china and techniques are also used by acupressurist everywhere.

Fasting Therapy:
When fast is done in a specific manner knowingly under guidance then it act as a medicines and is a good way to detoxify body and to energise whole body.

Gem Therapy:
Every gem is associated with a particular planet and so is a source of energy. Gemologist or astrologer know this and after having proper reading suggest patient or person to use a particular gem or combination of gems for good life.

It is a very good to free a person from any unwanted problems, hypnotist take the person in a hypnotic stage and then by suggestion heal the person.

Hydrotherapy/water therapy:
In this water is used in different way and in different temperature to heal body and mind.

Massage Therapy:
This is a very good relaxation method and energize the body. In this different oils are used for different purpose. If this therapy is taken regularly from expert then no doubt magical changes seen in person.

Dance Therapy:
Dance is also a very good natural medicine to come-out from stress and any negative state of mind. It keeps the body parts active.

Magneto Therapy:
In this different powerful magnets are used to energize mind and body.

Pyramid Healing Therapy:
This is also being used at many places. In this person sits inside a pyramid to energize mind and body.

Tibetan Medicines:
These are also related to plants using natural sources to treat person.

Unani Medicine Therapy:
Another powerful medicines are known as unani and is very good to treat different diseases of mind and body, in this, herbs are used to make medicines. 
There are many other alternative therapies like reflexology, reiki, clapping therapy, laughter therapy etc. All these therapy helps in detoxifying body from unwanted materials and regulate metabolic activities within body.

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List of Alternative Therapies, How alternative therapies/medicines work, alternative medicine/complementary medicines practitioner in India.