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Blood Pressure Reasons And Treatments

What is blood pressure, what the impacts of blood pressure, how to control blood pressure naturally, blood pressure reasons and treatments free.
What is blood pressure, what the impacts of blood pressure, how to control blood pressure naturally, blood pressure reasons and treatments free.
blood pressure control naturally

Today because of hectic life style problem of blood pressure is becoming common, not only adults and aged but adolescence are also suffering from blood pressure problem. 

Our heart works 365 days and 24 hours, it's main work is to purify blood and to send it to different organs within body. This is why heart is also called blood pumping station. 
The pressure used by heart to send blood to different organ is called blood pressure. When normal pressure is used then there is no problem but when due to any problem heart uses more pressure then it comes under HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and when heart uses low pressure then it is called LOW BLOOD PRESSURE. 

Let's Understand Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure:
Systolic pressure is the pressure when heart exert pressure to send blood in other organs and Diastolic pressure means the expansion of heart while taking blood into heart. 

The balance pressure of both is called blood pressure. 

Generally blood pressure of children is 80/50
Adult blood pressure is 120/70
aged blood pressure is 140/90

Let's Know The Symptoms Which Body Shows Before Suffering From Blood Pressure :
  • Person may suffer from headache regularly
  • Person may face dizziness
  • Person may get tired easily. 
  • Person may don't want to work.
  • Digestion problem may disturb life. 
  • No proper sleep
  • uncomfortable always
  • Increase of heart-beat
  • Disturb breathing while using stairs.

Now let's see what may happen if not treated blood pressure properly:
If above symptoms is arising then it is good to consult doctor as soon as possible and take proper treatment otherwise many problems may disturb life like as -
  • Paralysis attack may come
  • Kidney problems may arise
  • Heart attack may come 
  • Problems related to eyes may arise 
  • It may be possible that accidents happen while driving due to dizziness.

Now Let's See The Reasons Of Blood Pressure:

Our environment, eating habits, living way affect our life very much. Bad habits may give arise to many diseases, let's see them.
  • Taking spicy food too much may create blood pressure problems. 
  • Too much sugar daily is also problematic.
  • Oily food is also dangerous and give arise to blood pressure problems. 
  • Much fatty food is also dangerous for every one.
  • Using drugs and alcohol is also dangerous like cigarettes, wine, etc. 
  • Regular phobia may also give arise to blood pressure problem.
  • Regular tension and grief also give arise to high blood pressure.
  • Diabetes and obesity may also give arise to blood pressure problem.
  • Use of Pregnancy controlling pills regularly for long run may also give rise to high blood pressure. 

Treatments are available in every types of treatments like allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupressure, yoga etc. But here only some natural ways are being provided to maintain blood pressure naturally -
  1. Take a half cup of water, squeeze half lemon and drink it 4 to 5 times a day in interval of 2 hours. This give power to heart, control cholesterol, also good for digestive system.
  2. Once in a day do take mixture of 2 spoon of onion and 2 spoon of honey empty stomach.
  3. Do put a spoon of Maithi dana in a glass of water in the night before sleeping and in the morning do drink the water. 
  4. Balance daily life i.e. neither do more work continuously nor do rest for longer. 
  5. Don't keep tension , to control mind one can use homeopathy.
  6. Use low sodium salt to control blood pressure. 
  7. Do pranayam regularly which is good for healthy heart, lungs.
  8. Use clapping therapy and laughter therapy daily. 
  9. Listen good quality of music which keep mind cool and healthy. 
  10. Include fibre in diet.
In-spite of all these consult doctor and take medicines. 

Live a healthy life and enjoy life.

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